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Join Every Bite- a free food waste minimisation programme

Give the gift of helping return Kiwi to the Ruahine Range.

As a donation, for a loved one for a special occasion or just to say you care. Gift to support the Ruahine Kiwi Project in our vital mahi to enable the reintroduction of Kiwi by 2026.

Your gift will help resource the ongoing work to significantly decrease predator numbers in the Ruahine Range so endemic bird and plant life can thrive. This in turn will create the right climate for Kiwi to be safely and successfully introduced by 2026 into an area where they have been scarcely seen for many decades.

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    Volunteers checking and re-baiting a trap (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A DOC 200 trap sitting above the clouds in the Ruahine Ranges(image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A volunteer carries a trap into the Ranges (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    Volunteers checking and re-baiting a trap (image credit: A. Behrens)
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    A volunteer rests at the top of a long climb (image credit: I. Rasmussen)

Palmerston North Repair Cafe. Repair. Reduce Waste.

A monthly event where local people bring in their broken and damaged belongings and local volunteer experts do their best to repair them.

Next event takes place on Saturday 27th April 2024 9am-12pm (last mend at 11:30pm) at Palmerston North Community Leisure Centre, 569 Ferguson Street.

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Who are we?

Environment Network Manawatū (ENM) exists to connect and inspire communities for environmental action. We are the environment hub for the Manawatū region providing sector leadership, building capacity and capability, and creating community.

Understanding that all life is part of a thriving, self-sustaining ecosystem our vision is that the ecological and human communities in the Manawatū River catchment are living in harmony.

We work strategically to demonstrate best-practice as a member-led environmental organisation.  We promote environmental activities and advocate for positive environmental outcomes.  We connect volunteers, support organisational sustainability, provide educational opportunities and seek to increase the stream of funding to the sector.  We support and enable our membership through meeting needs, holding space and creating opportunities for increased connections.  We celebrate the diverse passions of our 65+ member groups, that include biodiversity regeneration, freshwater quality, food resilience, waste reduction, sustainable living, alternative energies, climate change and active transport. The network is organised into two collectives: Manawatū Food Action Network and Manawatū River Source to Sea.

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Celebrating volunteering

​​Anna Goodall   

In 2023 Anna Goodall decided to establish a veggie garden for the Savage Crescent community in her own backyard. With the help of ENM’s Manawatū Food Action Network(MFAN)  and Growing Gardens and Communities, the garden is now home to a number of raised beds full of winter veggies, busily growing until they’re ready to harvest and feed the Savage Crescent community.

Having never had time in the past to grow fruit and veggies, other than a few tomatoes and lettuces, Anna is enjoying her new foray into veggie gardening and is busy soaking up knowledge and advice from the diverse group of volunteers who help each Saturday. She calls the working bees, ‘active socializing…


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