Do you want to get involved in environmental action near you? If so, you've come to the right place. This map shows many of the places that the ENM's member groups are active at work - plus it shows a few eco-initiatives that others in our region are involved in. Just use the "+" sign on the map to zoom in for better visibility, then click on the markers and areas below to learn more. You can also contact ENM staff to discuss any of these projects and how you might get involved.

If you're part of one of our member groups--or if you're working to strengthen the ecological systems in the Manawatū River catchment area in any other way--please feel very free to contact us to suggest additions and changes. For our member group representatives, we can provide direct access to the map so that you can make any updates yourself, or we're happy to make them on your behalf.

Click the ‘List’ icon (top left of map) to see a list of projects. Please be patient as the map can take a few moments to load.

Map Key

BLUE - biodiversity initiatives, such as planting and pest control

YELLOW - community food initiatives, such as gardens and orchards

MAGENTA - buildings, such as offices or workshops, where you can visit ENM members

GREEN - ENM Palmerston North office